Plumbing Services in The Southern CapePlumbing ServicesWe offer a full workmanship guarantee. We have been inbusiness since 1999, and pride ourselves in our reputation.We are fully insured for any problems, which may arise, andwhen problems do arise, always tackle them head on.

We offer full workmanship guarantee.

We have been in business since 1999, and pride ourselves on our reputation. We are fully insured for any problems, which may arise, and when problems do arise, always tackle them head on.

There are many plumbing companies to choose from, but be aware, that not all companies advertising as ‘plumbers’, are actually qualified. Should you have malfunction or damages caused by the work of unqualified plumbers, your insurance will simply not pay out!

Many ‘cheap’ plumbers with inferior knowledge, using inferior products, undercut prices of legitimate companies in order to get the work. We often get called to clients, who end up having to pay us to re-plumb work, which they have already paid for.

Remember water can cause major damage, and as water piping in walls, floors and ceilings is not visible, you will not notice a problem developing, until it is too late.

Plumbing is not like carpentry, which can be seen once complete.  Remember the ‘finished product’, i.e. sanitary ware and chrome ware that you see, is only like paint on a wall – it may look good, but if what’s behind it isn’t up to scratch, it won’t be long before problems begin to surface.

Ensure plumbing is done correctly first time around, by checking the credentials of your plumber!

Make sure that the company you choose is legitimate, licensed and registered, with IOPSA and PIRB, in order to ensure quality workmanship.

We offer a full range of services including the following and others listed above:

  • Septic tanks, French drains and soak-away systems
  • Repairs to gutters, drain pipes and flashings
  • Washing machine, dish washer and fridge plumbing installations
  • Fire main reticulation installations
  • Ring main reticulation installations
  • Sewer stack replacements
  • Water mains repairs


  • Pam Golding

    Watt’s Plumbing has been our preferred plumbing contractor for the Wittebome Estate Constantia for many years. The Estate, which comprises of multiple units, has both modern and old ‘Heritage Site’ structures, which can be challenging work … something Watt’s Plumbing handles with aplomb. They are available to attend to all our plumbing crises 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They communicate with the relevant parties ensuring that all involved are informed of what needs to be done, and it is reassuring to know that a fair price is charged for their professional services. I can honestly recommend the owner, Charles Watt and his teams at Watt’s Plumbing for any plumbing work required
    Johan Nel – Wittebome Estate Manager
  • Diony Lalieu

    Watts plumbing have been our plumbers for around 7 years. We have always had magnificent service – never having waited for more than a few days for less urgent calls, and the same day service for anything more serious. The quality of their work has always been of highest standards, their service more than efficient (in fact they often go out of their way to ensure you get your parts etc.) and the staff are all a pleasure to deal with and have around I feel more than confident to, (and often do) recommend them to all my friends!
  • Paul Johnson

    Over the past ten years I have used Watt’s Plumbing for a whole host of plumbing jobs, ranging from blocked drains, sorting out leaks to plumbing a new house I built. Every time I’ve used them I found them to be obliging, professional, courteous, reliable and efficient, always delivering a high quality of workmanship. Their pricing is also very fair and reasonable. As far as plumbing goes, I have every confidence in their well-trained teams and will continue to recommend them whenever anyone asks me to recommend a plumber.
  • Allan Faye

    I have been using Watts Plumbing on my projects for over a decade and have always been very happy with the service and backup they provide. Charles uses only the best materials and well qualified and very approachable staff  which makes such a difference to my ease of running my sites. I can highly recommend Watts Plumbing.”     Allan Faye Project Management
  • Marina Quarmby

    Wattapac was used. The water was pumped out from the broken geyser into a heavy-duty ‘bag’ and then once the new geyser had been installed the same water saved was repumped back into the new geyser.

    The pumping out took approximately 5 minutes as did the pumping in of the saved water back into the new geyser. The whole process was super-efficient, there was no water loss and the process took less than an hour. An amazing product! Thank you.


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